All uniforms and accessories are made with the same authentic materials as the originals. Each uniform is custom made to fit YOU and YOUR dimensions!

These uniforms are manufactured and shipped from Europe so please allow at least 35 to 40 days for delivery once your order has been placed.

If you are not happy with any of the WWII Uniform items you buy, the manufacturer will exchange it with any other item of equal value. Sorry, due to the time, distance and nature of these props there are no refunds: only exchanges. Uniforms must be returned within 5 business days for exchanges.


All uniforms come complete with rank, insigna.

Set comes with the following items which may be ordered separately:

Cap $125

Tunic/Jacket $205

Belt/Buckle $85

P-38 Holster $65

Shirt $95

Iie $15

2 Decorations $50

Trouser $95

Boots $195

Rank Tabs $30

Sleeve Ribbon $20

Sleeve Eagle $10


$900 USD


Price does not include shipping.


See RANKS below.


Our Panzer Tunic.

Our Panzer Pant.


1. Neck inches.....

2. Chest inches.....

3. Waist inches.....

4. Hips inches......

5. Shoulder Width in inches....

6. Sleeve Length inches...

7. Pant Inseam........

8. Your heigth in inches ...

9. Your weight in pounds....

10. Your size (S, M, L, XL, XXL)....

11. Boot size/width ...

12. Head circumferrence/hat size...


Please give the following measurements in the NOTE block of your PayPal order or fax them to: Larry Green Productions

(360) 715-2152


SS Ranks


Belt and Buckle


Boots Our Panzer Boots are made of high quality Calf Hide. The heel and sole are heavy Italian Leather, hand-made without nails. Please include your accurate shoe size, i.e., Size 11 EE, etc.





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