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On July 26, 2005 we were invited to the pre-premiere of the AUTRY NATIONAL CENTER'S new exhibition, ONCE UPON A TIME IN ITALY.....THE WESTERNS OF SERGIO LEONE in Los Angeles. Some of the features were Italian fare, entertainment that featured colossal 8-foot puppets reenacting scenes from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, plus live performances by pianist Gilda Buttà, cellist Luca Pincini, and Alessandro Alessandroni, the famous “Whistler” on the Leone soundtracks with musical Direction provided by Daniele Luppi.

The highlights were Clint Eastwood's poncho, worn in all three Dollars Trilogy films, Alessandro Alessandroni, the famous “Whistler”, Claudia Cardinale, Barbara Van Cleef, widow of Lee, book signings by Sir Christopher Frayling and, of course, our Spaghetti Western Ponchos, Shirts, Hats, Vests and Scarves!

  1. This is one of the displays set up by the Center to display our Poncho, Shirt, Vest and scarf along with Christopher Frayling's books.
  2. Me (Larry Green) standing beside the glass case displaying Clint's original poncho, gun, belt, gauntlet and boots worn in the Spaghetti Western Trilogy.
  3. Clint's poncho and belt.
  4. Clint's gun, handle and poncho.
  5. When we first saw the poncho, we were shocked at the brownish color. Upon closer inspection it was clear that Clint was telling the truth when he said he never washed the poncho during the filming of all three films. It is filthy. That is why the green shows through only in patches. The original green color is easily visible, shown here on the underside, at the bottom.
  6. Clint's gauntlet he wore as the bounty killer, Manco, in FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE.
  7. Me in Heaven with my arm around Claudia Cardinale.
  8. With old friend Barbara Van Cleef.
  9. Alessandro Alessandroni, the famous “Whistler”, performing all of the great peices he did with Ennio Marricone. Just him and his guitar. Everyone went wild when he did The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.....he did all of the voices as well as the whistle!
  10. Me and Alessandro Alessandroni after a mind blowing conversation!

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