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Hollywood Prop
  • Our Bolero Hats are made of 100% Wool. They are the authentic Spanish hat as worn by Lee Van Cleef in most all of the Spaghetti Westerns in which he appeared. He made this hat the definitive trademark for the western bad man.
  • Here is a beautiful recreation of the famous Andy Anderson-style rig worn by Clint Eastwood in the Spaghetti Western films. Now you too can be "the Man with No Name." These rigs are custom-made from premium quality, Grade A leather, one at a time for each customer. Roughed out belt & holster are fully lined with the same premium leather. Holsters are wet molded from slick fast draws. This holster is very popular with Fast Draw competitors. You can add a Steel liner for only $25.00 extra. Holsters are custom-made for the following pistols: Colt SAA & all copies (Uberti, EMF, Great Western, New Vaquero's, etc) Old Model Vaquero, Blackhawks & Single Six. Pistol barrel length ranges from 4" to 7 1/2". Each holster is custom-made for your pistol. We do NOT make generic holsters. Belts are custom made to each customers size and pistol cartridge caliber. Bullet loops are all for .45 caliber unless otherwise requested. Of course the pistol and bullets are not included with this holster rig. Belt Measuring Instructions:
    1. Use a flexible tape measure like a "seamstress" tape.
    2. Wearing comfortable pants, measure about one inch below the pants belt loops. This is the most common place to measure. Please measure where you want to wear your gunbelt.
    3. Pull tape fairly snug, try not to stretch the tape. Do NOT add or subtract from this measurement. Do NOT measure other belts.
    4. Be sure to include your pistol type, caliber, belt size, barrel length, make and model when providing measurements.
    It is your responsibility to provide a proper measurements. We can NOT guarantee a proper fit unless you follow these instructions.
  • Our Spaghetti Western Hat Bands are 100 % U.S. leather and are exact replicas of the Hat Bands Clint Eastwood wore in all three of the Spaghetti Western Trilogy films. Each Hat Band is completely hand-tooled in America!
  • Larry Green Productions Spaghetti Western Ponchos featured in "Once Upon a Time in Italy" at the Autry National Center! For details, please click here. We have spent years in the making of an exact duplicate of the poncho Clint Eastwood wore in the Spaghetti Western Trilogy ( A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS, FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE and THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY). Although, over the years, a few have appeared on the market that appeared to be OK, they were ultimately not accurate and too expensive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TW4SeMcU6_c One outstanding poncho, currently being marketed is nice enough but both retails at $600 and is the wrong color. Our Eastwood Poncho is the exact color of the original which was Olive Green not Brown. (This is a common mistake as most old '60's photos tend to turn reddish. See the new DVD releases.) For proof that the original is green see the link below and hear it in Clint's own words. I was fortunate enough to actually see the original poncho once in Carmel when Clint loaned it to a friend to display in his Mexican resturant for a while. Needless to say, I took several mental notes. We got to examine the poncho again on July 26, 2005 at the Pre-Premiere party for the ONCE UPON A TIME IN ITALY exhibit at the AUTRY NATIONAL CENTER. I took several photos. See the link above. Clint stated that he bought a poncho at Western Costume in Hollywood as he thought "Joe" or THE MAN WITH NO NAME from "A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS" would wear one (his own idea) but Sergio Leone found the "green one" in Spain and liked it better. Eastwood never washed or cleaned it during the making of all three films which give the outer poncho color a more olive color! Listen to Clint Our poncho is 100% Wool and has all of the accurate designs machine stitched into the blankets so they are visible on both sides of the poncho. This was done with Eastwood's original....the designs are NOT woven! These ponchos require over 20 solid hours of work to get each completed. They are manufactured to last a lifetime! Our Poncho size (shown on 6'-4" model) is 52" wide x 32" long (each side). FROM A RECENT CUSTOMER: Dear hollywoodprop, I just received the poncho, and it is absolutely breath taking!!! I have other replicas but none of them come even close to this one. Thank You, Jonathan T.
  • Our Spaghetti Western Scarves are heavy cotton and are exactly the same material and look as the one worn by Eastwood in all three of the Spaghetti Western Trilogy films.
  • Our Spaghetti Western Shirts are heavy cotton and have the same stripped "Railroad Shirt" pattern as that worn by Eastwood in all three of the Spaghetti Western trilogy films. Shirts are long sleeve and come in Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL!
  • Our Spaghetti Western Hats are 100 % beaver and come with that "worn by Eastwood" look! Most of these Beaver hats are Stetsons, but some are not, depending on size availability. They are all of the highest quality and are made to last a lifetime in any weather. Each one also comes with a hand-tooled, black, leather, hat band. These hats are exact replicas of the hats Clint Eastwood wore in all three of the Spaghetti Western Trilogy films. We acquire only used hats (but clean) so they have a worn Spaghetti Western look.
  • Our WAH Maker SPAGHETTI WESTERN TRAIL DUSTER COATS are as authentic western as you can get. Made of 100% heavy cotton. It comes in black, brown, walnut, navy, and natural.
  • Our handmade SPAGHETTI WESTERN VEST is an exact duplicate of the vest Clint Eastwood wore in the Spaghetti Western Trilogy (A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS, FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE and THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY). This vest is faux Sheepskin, is made in America.    
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