Dark Lord Capes

Dark Lord Capes

Dark Lord Capes

Our DARK LORD CAPES are exactly like those worn by David Prowse.

Although each cape is manufactured with a 72 inch radius we will be happy to shorten to your desired length. They are made of the same material as the originals: Black Wool/Felt with a Matte Satin Lining, Leather Collar and an accurate Black Metal Chain that loops through the collar for a secure attachment.

Our DARK LORD CAPES are perfect for anyone either completing or wanting to start an authentic DARK LORD COSTUME; the most challenging of any!

Please email for other length not shown on the list.

Our VADER CAPES and UNDER ROBES were chosen by LEGO as the most authentic on the market. See how they look on the full sized DARTH VADER LEGO displays.

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