Spaghetti Western Eastwood Holster Rig

Spaghetti Western Eastwood Holster Rig

Spaghetti Western Eastwood Holster Rig

Here is a beautiful recreation of the famous Andy Anderson-style rig worn by Clint Eastwood in the Spaghetti Western films. Now you too can be "the Man with No Name." These rigs are custom-made from premium quality, Grade A leather, one at a time for each customer. Roughed out belt & holster are fully lined with the same premium leather. Holsters are wet molded from slick fast draws. This holster is very popular with Fast Draw competitors. You can add a Steel liner for only $25.00 extra. Holsters are custom-made for the following pistols: Colt SAA & all copies (Uberti, EMF, Great Western, New Vaquero's, etc) Old Model Vaquero, Blackhawks & Single Six. Pistol barrel length ranges from 4" to 7 1/2". Each holster is custom-made for your pistol. We do NOT make generic holsters. Belts are custom made to each customers size and pistol cartridge caliber. Bullet loops are all for .45 calibre unless otherwise requested.

Of course the pistol and bullets are not included with this holster rig.

Belt Measuring Instructions:

  1. Use a flexible tape measure like a "seamstress" tape.
  2. Wearing comfortable pants, measure about one inch below the pants belt loops. This is the most common place to measure. Please measure where you want to wear your gunbelt.
  3. Pull tape fairly snug, try not to stretch the tape. Do NOT add or subtract from this measurement. Do NOT measure other belts.
  4. Be sure to include your pistol type, caliber, belt size, barrel length, make and model when providing measurements.

It is your responsibility to provide a proper measurements.

We can Not guarantee a proper fit unless you follow these instructions.

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